Woolen coat - Ivory cappuccino green

Embroidery:oak and linden leaves embroidered by green thread
Material:100% wool, 480 g / m, satin lining 100% polyester
Maintenance:Wool should not be washed, bleached. If the coat creased while sitting, it is possible to iron it, the maximum temperature of 150 ° C (recommended to finely steam). It is suitable to dry clean at the dry cleaners by tetrachloretene (perchlorethylene), bensine, or trifluortrichlorethane, fluoritrichlorethane or fluoritrichlormethane, normal procedures. Do not use drier.
Price:450,- €


Some woolen coats are sewn only exceptionally. They are made by combining pieces of wool that was not enough for more pieces. Each new batch of wool may have a slightly different shade, so from these pieces it does not make any sense to complete properly, but exceptionally! Just this exceptional becomes a great range of discoveries and joy. Excellent, very elegant colour combination to society for the real representation. Top clothes, suitable for an important visit or a concert etc. Are you amazed by ivory colour? It beautifully goes together with contrasting embroidery. Also the contrasting lining underlines the magic of the moment at such time as taking off clothes.


Size chart

Total bustline 99,8 104,2 108,6 113 117,4 121,8
Total waistline 81,6 86 90,4 94,8 99,2 103,6
Total hipline 105 109,4 113,8 118,2 122,6 127
Shoulder length 12,6 13 13,4 13,8 14,2 14,6
Sleeve length 63,1 63,5 63,9 64,3 64,7 65,1
Back length 39,5 40 40,5 41 41,5 42
Coat length 91,5 92 92,5 93 93,5 94

Measurements are given in centimeters.

The sleeve and coat length is calculated with a tolerance of + - 1 cm.

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